martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Europe again & Betweener EP + Together EP

So im back in europe again playing some gigs and tweaking the last details for the 2 Ep's i have in the future. One, the Together Ep is almost ready and packed with two remixes. You can check the song now featured on Henry Saiz balance 019. The song will be released on his label Natura Sonoris on limited vinyl.

The Betweener EP is also done and it will featured the song Anne which you can find on my soundcloud, although thats a raw version of it. Soon i will post more info about this one.

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Dawn & Victory dijo...

Hey Ricardo, i'm from Cologne Germany and follow you way sind 3 Years now. Since the day i heard a Track from you a firts time on a James Holden set.

All the rumors about the Track Teenager spreading the Internet for more than 6 Montah now. My question is do you have any plans to realeas that awesome track soon???

I would be thankful to hear from you soon.


Andrea your cousin dijo...

Are you coming to England?