viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009


1- mi pieza esta llena de cosas
2- we met at the party
3- arian
4- antihouse
5- amanecer

release date: december 7

9 comentarios:

Luis dijo...

"mi pieza esta llena de cosas"

siiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (infinitos signos de exclamacion)

Gilbert dijo...

can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Joshua Logan dijo...

what label?

Can't wait!! Have you or Holden been playing the tracks live?

Random info here dijo...

Antihouse me encanta tambien!

Gilbert dijo...

Joshua, looks like it is going to be on Traum:

Ricardo, where is this track?: please play it tomorrow ;-)

Joshua Logan dijo...

Thanks, Gilbert!

I love the track you linked to. Only heard it in a couple Holden sets. Maybe it's going to be on Tobar's LP?!

Tobar played some wicked new stuff in San Francisco last weekend! Flawless performance~

Gilbert dijo...

Joshua, aw nice that you were there, so was I! I'm from SF, well San Jose. Here's some photos from that night: Let's keep in touch and maybe hang out soon :-)

Joshua Logan dijo...

"Teenagers" is the title, according to someone on YouTube

Gilbert, those pictures blew my mind- amazing job!! Some great pics of me and my friends, including Elysia(the hottest vampire of all time). It was my bday so I was a little intoxicated by the time Tobar played! Just wish they let him play longer and didn't talk over his set toward the end.

I live in Santa Cruz and tried desperately to book Tobar out here for Sunday. Next time! Metamusic will be in touch.

Let's hang soon, I was just in South San Jose last night! Tobar vinyl party soon~~

Gilbert dijo...

Joshua, thanks for the compliment. And agree your vampire friend is hot! Tobar didn't have additional material to play longer and should of had a friend open up for him cause his set was too early.

Let me know when the Tobar vinyl party is and I'll try my best to make it. Email me the details please, I'm on FB too,