miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2007

"Live set" opinions / help / comments / ideas!

finally!...yeah... i mean finally i bought a decent laptop.
with decent i mean that i think it wouldn crash if i mess up with loops and shit.

anyway.... i just wanted to know what you would like to see on a live set
(someone playing live electronic music).... off course,
i have more than one idea of my own, but it would be really cool
too know what you think about all these live crap, what you would love to watch
and you dont have seen it on other artists
(i.e. for me is real shitty when they look like they are chatting on msn, or when they look like only press play)

you can leave comments here, on my space.. or send me an email,

i just dont give a fuck.


3 comentarios:

Martin dijo...

i think a live set should be different and everytime fitting to the crowd you are playing to. so you can play the tracks and the style the audience wants to hear. or not :)

if you get your sound to sound organic in your live set thats so great. also i think one of the hardest things to achieve maybe.

some great fx on top of all this and great sound and cool tracks of course and i think youll have an awesome liveset :)

greetings martin.

juan dijo...

A mi me gusta la onda del Old School. Un buen DJ set.
Pero no lo se hacer...
Entonces me quedo con cara de MSN.

Tengo que aprender a discotecar...

Tu sabes hacerlo?

Crusoé dijo...
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